Thursday, June 4, 2009

Big Brother's Back in Town: Owen, Jeremiah, and Joshua {Allen Texas Senior Photography, McKinney Senior Photography}

Remember the Lamborghini session?  That was my first session with Joshua and Jeremiah. By the time we took their Senior Pics later that month, we were all getting much more comfortable around each other. This past weekend was better yet.  I felt like I was hanging out with my own three brothers.  We had great fun, and they were really getting into the shoot - even helping me out with posing ideas.  Such a creative bunch!

This time around all three amigos were on hand.  Big brother Noah is home from college, so mom wanted to get some individual shots of him to match the ones we took of Josh and Jeremiah.  And what parent doesn't want some great group shots of all of their children together? Even their Dad was along this time, and though it was my fourth full session of the day, these guys kept me energized for sure.  It was a great way to end the day!

Owen was a bit camera-shy at first  - not unlike Josh and Jeremiah on their first session with me.  Just give me a couple more shoots, Owen, and by the time you're ready for a wedding photographer, you'll be an old pro (and you'll know who to call)!

All three of these boys are off to college this Spring, and I can only imagine what a bitter-sweet transition that will be for Nan and Todd. Perhaps having these awesome portraits of their boys on their walls at home will lessen the blow while they're away.  (Be strong, Nan!)

Here are some of their favorite "Brother" pictures - and a few of mine!

By the time the texting began, I knew my time with these boys was limited.  Apparently they had better things to do with their time - something to do with a Red Wings game and a couple of twins...  

At least I was able to convince them to hang in there for a couple more shots. Good thing I did. We ended up with my favorite shot of the night!

Now that's what I'm talking about!

I just knew these three would like those Pioneer Woman actions.

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