Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Photography Tip #1: A Better Profile

Remember these?  Chances are most of you have one or more of these old-fashioned silhouette profiles tucked away in your childhood scrapbook somewhere in storage.  In fact, I bet if I were to walk through your parent's homes I might even find one hanging in the hall next to your family picture from when you were in sixth grade and still in braces.  

The above image is exactly what most of us think of when we hear the word profile (unless you are a facebook addict...but that's a whole other blog entry).  Lovely as these are, in my opinion, the following image makes a much better profile for a photograph.  Read on and I'll tell you why.

When attempting to capture that perfect profile in a photograph, there are a couple tips to keep in mind.  First, do your best to include the outline of the eye furthest away from the camera.  You can see in the image above that I included those lovely, long eye-lashes peeking out from the bridge of her nose.  This helps to add depth to the facial features.  Failing to include the outline of that opposite eye makes the image appear flat - as in this image below.

Second, (especially when using a shallow depth of field - or a low f-stop), it is crucial to focus in on the eye closest to the camera.  If that eye is out of focus (as it is in the image below), the whole image suffers. What could have been a lovely image sadly falls shy of hitting the mark.

Blurriness aside, however, because I've included the outline of the eye furthest from the camera, this image is still the better profile of the two.

Remembering to include the outline of the eye furthest from the camera and to focus in on the eye closest to the camera are key.  Following these two tips will go a long way in helping to make your next profile image a big success.  

Now, Go!  Grab your cameras and create your own stunning profile!  I'd love to see what you come up with.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mini Session Photo Parties

It's that time of year again...time to start thinking about getting that perfect family picture for this year's Christmas and Holiday cards.  Our new Mini Session Photo Parties are a fantastic way to do just that - and cross one more thing off your holiday "to-do" list.

We're currently looking to recruit two individuals to serve as hosts for our two scheduled events.  One host is needed for each date.  As a host you will receive a free mini session, one free digital negative file for use in your Christmas/Holiday cards, and a free 8x10.  To qualify we ask that you gather at least four other families to take part in your personal mini session photo party.  You will also need to be available to serve as the greeter and facilitator at your event.  Sessions will be scheduled back-to-back at the same location for your convenience.  

If you'd rather not participate in a photo party event but are still interested in taking advantage of our mini session pricing, individual mini sessions can be scheduled throughout the year at a time more convenient to you.  The free digital negative offer is available only through the end of October, 2008.

Here's the rest of the scoop for our two upcoming photo party events:

Session Fee - $75
Includes 25 minute session and one free digital negative file 
for use in your Christmas/Holiday cards.  All images will be available 
in an online gallery should you wish to order additional prints. 
Digital negatives will be formatted to print up to a 4x6.  
Add $15 per individual for families larger than six people.

Available Dates:
Saturday, October 4, 2008
Saturday, October 25, 2008

Payment must be paid in full to secure your date.  
All sales are non-refundable.
Travel fees apply for locations further than 30 miles.

Two hosting spots are available.  Call 214-547-9820 to reserve your free session today. 

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Beginnings

I've been a blogger for the past year now.  It has been a great way to document the special times in my family's life.  Having a place where I can celebrate, contemplate, dream, and even vent is good for my soul.  It has also been a great way to stay connected with our loved ones who live so far away.  I love it!  It's high time I start a blog for my photography business as well.

Photography is so much a part of my life now.  It just makes sense that I should document the stages of this wonderful new adventure of mine - this business that I can call my own.  I want to be able to look back years from now and remember how far I've come - and from where I came.  Like other things in my life that are important to me, I also want to share this experience with others - especially with those of you who help to make this business such a success - and a joy.

So, welcome to my newest baby - my photography blog.  You will find some of my favorite images from recent sessions, news of upcoming events and special offers, and from time to time even a helpful photography tip or two.  So visit often and stay awhile.

In honor of this new beginning of mine, here are some precious pictures from a recent newborn session.  What better way to celebrate a fresh start!