Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bree and Noah's Family (Dallas/Allen/McKinney Family Photographer}

I love this family!  It's been about a year since my last session with their children.  It was fun to photograph the whole family this time around. Noah is just slightly older than our Stephen Jr., and Bree is a few months younger than our Alden.  It's fun to watch the brother sister dynamics play out when it reminds me so much of my own children.

Sweet Bree has been doing some modeling for her mother Jennifer's friend's clothing line called Pout Baby.  You can see her strut her stuff on their website.  She's as cute and adorable as ever. (That reminds me...I need to do some shopping!)

We had great fun taking family pics and Jennifer is always so great about bringing THE best outfits for her children.  In honor of her fantastic style sense I thought I'd do a little fashion show for you.

First up, Bree in Matilda Jane:

Next, big brother Noah sports a smashing blue polo and beach chic striped linen pants.  I'm thinking modeling could be in his future too. Though something's telling me Noah's more the soccer and baseball type. (Funny story - his Daddy had me seriously convinced modeling ran in the family. Call me gullible!)

On to some Pout Baby.  When Jennifer put this dress on Bree I wanted to jump up and down.  I was so excited.  I do believe I WANT this dress for myself!  Hmmm, I could use one of mom's dresses too.  (The mall is seriously calling me!)

Jakob and Daddy share a father-son moment.

Mom and Dad are pretty stylish too.  They are so adorable together. Thanks for working with me on these shots to make them so fun, you two.

And we can't forget the best photography prop EVER invented, my very own Belle Ame pettiskirt.  Can't you just see YOUR daughter twirling away in one of these? (I could make that happen, you know...)

Finally, no session is complete without a little treat.  And there's nothing like Smarties to buy us an extra 15-20 minutes session time. Man, I LOVE the sunset lighting in this image!

Thanks, again Jennifer and Jakob for sharing your family with me. Can't wait until next time.  And, Jennifer, I'll be checking out one of your Baby Boot Camp classes with some friends of mine this Spring.

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Kelly Wills said...

These are PRECIOUS! Your composition is amazing and I am super impressed with your edits on these! Great job all around! I know Mom and Dad will love them. And, you know I will be checking out that website for the yellow dress. It rocks!