Monday, June 8, 2009

Meet My New Nephew - Jensen Duke

Jensen Duke was born Sunday afternoon weighing in at 9 pounds 1 ounce and measuring 20 inches long.  Our family was so privileged to be able to visit him in the hospital the very day he was born!  My sweet husband drove most of the 16 hours it took to get us there in time for his birth.  Though I tried to contribute, I thought it best to leave the driving to him after I started to doze off after only 2 1/2 hours at the wheel.  It was a long week!

I grew up in Indiana but moved to Texas in 1997 after college to start a new career.  Being so far from family has been very difficult at times. I knew that missing out on most of the family gatherings and special events would be part of the deal, but that hasn't made it any easier.  

I have 6 nieces and nephews (now 7) and have never been able to be there for any of their births.  So, when I found out my brother and his wife were expecting their third child, it became very important to me to plan a trip up north to experience this wonderful family event first-hand.  It was such a special time! 

What a joy to be able to welcome Jensen into the world and to hold him in my arms on his very first day.  And to give my brother and his wife a big hug right then and there - that was just icing on the cake!  Even Stephen Jr. and Alden were able to meet him.  My husband was so awesome to allow me to plan our vacation around Jensen's arrival.  It truly brought tears to my eyes to be able to experience such a special day.

Our children didn't really know what to think when they first saw baby Jensen. I should have known, though, that Alden would show the most interest.  In this next image, you can even see Jensen "looking" toward Alden as she peers through his bassinet.  Precious! (Maybe she should be a big sister.)

The beauty of my new camera.  This top image was taken indoors with no flash at ISO 1000.  Below I shot at ISO 400.  I can hardly believe how sharp both of these are.  For that feature alone, this camera was well worth all the hard work it took to earn the money to be able to pay it off.

I just love newborn feet.

Congrats, Phil & Shari and Josie & Layton.  We love you!  Welcome to our family baby Jensen!

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Kelly Wills said...

These truly are beautiful pictures, Tammy! You did such a fabulous job capturing Jensen's first moments. Your brother and his family are lucky to have had you there for these and to share such a special day! LOVE YOUR CAMERA!